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                       Sharon Storton

Beyond Psychology, Inc.

Rates and FAQs

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Session Price

$190 per Session

60-90 Minute Sessions, by prior arrangement

Up to three (3) 15 minute text or cell conversations between sessions, if needed

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with individuals, couples, families, or groups?

The short answer is: yes!

I work with all of these units either consistently throughout treatment, or on an “as you would benefit” basis. For instance, it is a very common experience to begin care with an individual, and then realize that she would like her partner to participate in identifying a treatment plan, understanding insights, and/or applauding changes that would benefit family dynamics going forward.

What happens during a session?

In a typical session, we do a check in to see how any skills learned in the last session have been helping in the real world,​ and we consider ways in which new developments in your life are impacting your wellbeing. We then attend to our treatment goals through insight-oriented solution-focussed discussion or via techniques such as EMDR (a traumatic stress recovery technique), relaxation visualization, or other support methods designed to enhance balance.

Are you an LGBTQ2S+ supportive practitioner?

Yes! I am happy to work with people from all gender identities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, and people who are in consensually non-monogamous relationships. However, while everyone is welcome, I do want to be clear that this is not my area of expertise. If you are interested in more specialized care, I would be happy to connect you with outstanding resources.

What is holistic psychology?

Holistic, in this context, refers to treating you as a whole person and not just as a diagnosis or even a disorder. I work to consider your physical health, mental/emotional wellbeing, options for social support, and spiritual growth. By spiritual, I do not mean religious, though this can be true for you. I am referring to very big picture view, meaning making, and considering who you were meant to be in this life.

Why do you charge per session and not per hour?

I strive to give us peaceful time together toward a full assessment, and even a diagnosis when necessary for care. I want the bandwidth to build a collaborative treatment plan. Most of all, I want to create unhurried time for listening, as I believe that being heard is a rare enough experience for many people, women especially, and that being listened to deeply is a healing experience in itself. I do not want guilt, scarce resources in a stubbornly difficult economy, or feeling rushed, to impede our goals for claiming your wellbeing.

What is your cancellation policy?

I prefer to have 48-hours’ notice of a cancelled appointment so that I can offer that appointment time to someone else. I do not like to make people wait a long while for an appointment once they find the courage to reach out. As I work a great deal with parents of very young children, I do realize that children rarely let you know two days in advance that they “feel a cold coming on.” Do your best. If the situation repeats on a consistent basis, we will have a conversation and a charge for the time may be initiated (with notice).

Will my insurance cover your fees?

Typically, clients who have supplemental insurance through carriers such as Blue Cross, Greenshield, and similar providers, will qualify to have their payments to me reimbursed. Since contracts can vary widely, you will be well served by checking in advance with your carrier.  AHS does not cover the fees of psychologists in private practice.

Do you offer reduced fees for low income individuals, couples, or families?

As my fees are already below those recommended by the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta, I do not offer a sliding scale per se. Under certain circumstances, I will work out a reduced fee for a specified number of sessions.  I can also refer those needing extended services to outstanding opportunities within Calgary to engage with support for clients with limited means.

Do I need a referral to book an appointment?

No, you do not. While doctors, midwives, doulas, and others often do refer the people they support to me, no referral is necessary to make an appointment.

Will I have to complete an evaluation form?

No, there is no form for you to prepare in advance of your session. I will discuss with you an informed consent document, outlining the ways in which I work and reviewing the parameters of confidentiality. I will also likely discuss an assessment inventory with you to determine whether anxiety, depression, postnatal mood or stress symptoms are impacting your life. I will typically prepare a report for you and, with a signed release, will coordinate treatment with a care provider or support person.

Do you have parking at your location?

Yes.  My office is in a heritage home at 1909 17 Avenue SW, and we have parking that is immediately adjacent to our building on the same side as entry to the professional offices.

What's the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist?

A psychologist is a graduate-level registered mental health specialist, who may work in tandem with your psychiatrist or as your primary mental health care provider. In Alberta, psychologists are regulated health professionals under the Health Professions Act, and are trained to diagnose and treat mental health functioning.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor, with years of additional training and board certification in the medicine of mental health. Typically, psychiatrists work to initiate and manage prescription medication in order to alleviate the symptoms of disturbances to mental health.